About Ellen

ELLEN – entrepreneurial spirit to market leadership.

ELLEN is a pioneer in the field of agricultural and domestic monoblocs and pumpsets in India. Ever since its founding in 1960, its products have been highly sought after. Home for ELLEN is Coimbatore, India where entrepreneurial spirit, technical innovation and quality have become a tradition. The company now has a peak production capacity of 25,000 Motors and Pumpsets and 500 Tonnes of high-grade ferrous castings per month.

ELLEN – motors, pumpsets and others

Started by a family of technocrats, as a small-scale unit, has now grown multifold. ELLEN has more than four decades of rich experience in the engineering industry. It is not only one of the leading manufacturers of pumps and Motors, but also, produces ferrous castings and Aluminum Pressure Die-castings and stampings for both captive consumption and sale. It has diversified its operations to include engineering, textiles, medical care, education, real estate, and social service. Today the ELLEN group of companies has a turnover of over rupees 500 million.

ELLEN - Sophisticated manufacturing facilities.

The group is engaged in the manufacture of various types of Motors, Monoblocs, Submersibles, Wet Grinders, Ferrous Castings, Aluminium Pressure Die-castings and Stampings. There are well equipped facilities to carry out the entire operations required for the manufacture of pumpsets, right from production of castings and stampings to assembly, painting and packing. The units have the latest machinery for all operations.


ELLEN believes that quality comes first. Ellen has state of the art laboratory facilities and procedures to meet ISI & ISO 9001 requirements. Strict acceptance tests according to ISI requirements, rigid incoming inspection, continuous in process inspection, endurance tests, and on-site testing are the marks of ELLEN product that enters the marketplace. Highly skilled, dependable staffs use the latest gauges and instruments in this important task.

ELLEN - where customer satisfaction is paramount.

The ELLEN quality policy is to meet and exceed customer expectations.

ELLEN – the water source for the entire nation.

ELLEN has supplied hundreds of thousands of motors and pumpsets all over India. As a traditional customer oriented company it is essential to provide proper technical advice and customer service on the spot. Our customer support engineers provide essential on site support for all customers, from large organisations in metropolitan cities to small farmers in remote villages.

To carry out this essential function, the group has its own well-established and wide spread sales and service centers in the various states at following places:

ANDHRA PRADESH Chittoor, Vijayawada
TELANGANA Secunderabad
KERALA Cochin, Calicut
TAMIL NADU Chennai, Trichy, Salem, Kumbakonam, Coimbatore
MAHARASHTRA Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur

A network of morethan 1000 dealers operates throughout the country. The dealers through their sales and service centers market more than 80 % of Ellen’s products.

ELLEN – stands for dependability.

ELLEN is an ISO 9001 company whose products bears the ISI Mark, indicative of their high level of quality. ELLEN is in the approved list of suppliers of National Small Scale Industries Corporation, New Delhi, Nationalised and Scheduled Banks, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh Co-operative Federations, Kerala Agro Industries Corporation, and Andhra Pradesh S.C. Corporation, Approval from T.W.A.D. Board and RITES.


The company has been given the following awards and certification for the Quality standards.
  • Certificate of Excellence - Gold Medal
  • Certificate of Merit - International Tradefare Diamond studded
  • super selection award.
  • National Award for Quality
  • Excellence Award - Awarded by the Institute of Economic studies